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Consultant's Upgrade: CattLeLogos Service Offer

Big brand professionalism that works within your small business budget.

Who It's For Individual or small consulting groups who want to build an appropriate, highly professional brand and reputation as part of expanding their business.
Benefits A credible brand image � the overall presentation of your company to your customers.

A brand and market presence that differentiates you from your competition.

A story (message platform) that clearly states your business value to potential clients and stresses what sells a consultant, namely experience, talent, reputation and approach.

An approach that works within your budget.
Start with a situation analysis of your business goals, markets, and products to provide the basis for a positioning and messaging.

Develop a clear Brand Strategy, Image Library, and Message Platform.

Create tactical plan for marketing implementation with smart, cost-conscious choices.

Create a set of highly professional, integrated marketing materials (paper and electronic)

Provide tools, templates, and training to maintain a consistent brand image.

An approach that works within your budget.

Consultant's Upgrade

Customer Comments
�Just had to write to tell you how enthused I am about what
CattLeLogos has done for me. It looks great. It�s so wonderful to see this new phase of my business coming alive.�

� Juliette Schlucter, President, BridgeKeeper

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