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Getting Ready for Investment: CattLeLogos Service Offer

Business case, presentation and budget counsel by experienced "big business" product and marketing managers.

Who It's For Entrepreneurs and early stage companies who are raising capital and need to present themsleves and their business plan to potential investors.
Benefits Expert assistance from professionals skilled at developing, advocating, and managing business plans and operating budgets.

Coaching from professionals who regularly presented to big business "C-Levels".

A compelling business story that is appropriate for investors.

A clear description of the customer problem your company addresses.

A credible brand image � the overall presentation of your company to your customers.

An approach that works within your budget.
Start with a situation analysis of your business goals and products to provide the basis for developing a clear description of your business proposition.

Collect information in support of the business plan, e.g. market research data, testimonials from first customers.

Develop a message that captures the customer problem and the benefits of your company�s solution.

Create a viable go to market plan and sales strategy.

Create a clear presentation of the business proposition including financial projections.

Coach actual presentation, if required.


Getting Ready for Investment

Customer Comments
�Thanks to the plan you helped refine, develop and write, our name and offerings were taken seriously by a prominent attorney in the venture community opening the appointment calendars with potential investors.�

� J. Kelleher, CEO,
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