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Due Diligence: CattLeLogos Service Offer

Expert analysis by business and technology professionals with experience in high-tech research and development firms.

Who It's For Investors who are interested in assessing the business viability of entrepreneurial companies offering high-tech products or B-to-B services.
Benefits Sound analysis of the technology behind the products.

Assessment of the feasibility of the marketing and sales plans.

Identification of strengths and weaknesses in the management team.

Validation of the model used to generate the financial projections.
Start with a situation analysis of business goals and products to provide the basis for the due diligence.

Develop a list of critical questions.

Evaluate technology versus current market trends.

Assess value of product or service to potential customers and in the competitive landscape.

Review company operations and business processes versus proposed the growth plan.

Evaluate market � size, trends, and competition � and assess positioning strategy, sales approach, and revenue projections.

Deliver a clear, concise report for investors that highlights the opportunity and critical issues.

An approach that works within your budget.

Due Diligence

Customer Comments
�The business analysis performed by [CattLeLogo�s CEO] Jean Wilcox was the best piece of work I�ve seen in the company. It was thorough, addressed a wide variety of critical issues, and laid the foundation for a sound investment.�

� Don Thompson, former CEO,
Hunt Manufacturing Corp

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