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Stand Out from the Herd: CattLeLogos Service Offer

A "big brand" approach to brand reputation and marketing that works within your small business budget.

Who It's For Small and mid-sized companies who want to build a highly professional brand and reputation as part of expanding their business.
Benefits A brand presence that differentiates your company from the competition.

An exceptional brand experience that builds �buzz� around your brand and creates loyal customers.

Increased awareness of your brand and increased sales potential.

An approach that works within your budget.
CattLeLogos Approach Start with a situation analysis of your business goals, markets, and products to provide the basis for a strategy for improving your sales.

Develop a clear Brand Strategy, Image Library, and Message Platform.

Create a tactical plan for marketing implementation.

Manage or support your marketing with smart, cost-conscious choices for your implementation tactics.

Create a set of highly professional, integrated marketing materials (paper and electronic).

Provide tools, templates, and training to maintain a consistent brand image.
Stand Out from the Herd
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