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Stand Out from the Herd: CattLeLogos Service Offer

A "big brand" approach to brand reputation and marketing that works within your small business budget.

Who It's For Small and mid-sized companies who want to build a highly professional brand and reputation as part of expanding their business.
Benefits A brand presence that differentiates your company from the competition.

An exceptional brand experience that builds “buzz” around your brand and creates loyal customers.

Increased awareness of your brand and increased sales potential.

An approach that works within your budget.
CattLeLogos Approach Start with a situation analysis of your business goals, markets, and products to provide the basis for a strategy for improving your sales.

Develop a clear Brand Strategy, Image Library, and Message Platform.

Create a tactical plan for marketing implementation.

Manage or support your marketing with smart, cost-conscious choices for your implementation tactics.

Create a set of highly professional, integrated marketing materials (paper and electronic).

Provide tools, templates, and training to maintain a consistent brand image.
Stand Out from the Herd
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